Describe your dream house

Describe your dream house

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  • My dream house is located near either the beach or in the countryside near a lake.
    The majority part of the house is built of bricks and one part of it build from big stones. The design is very unique. It's a three stories house, inside there are lots of bedrooms, a big kitchen, a huge living room with a fireplace and a big black piano, the floors are wooden and so are the stairs. The walls are white, except the bedroom walls are different colors based on the preference of those who occupy the bedrooms. My bedroom is white but one side of the walls is black. The furniture is modern mixed with antique and there's a lot of art in the house, mainly paintings. There's a big garage and a beautiful backyard and front yard and there's a swimming pool in the backyard.
    Then a few yards away there's a small cottage and that's mainly for the guests, for me to go there and write, and for the kids when they want to have friends over or parties or whatever. There are two libraries; one in the house and one in the cottage. The music studio is also at the cottage. At one side of the cottage there's a big old tree and a tree swing. At the back of the cottage there's a hammock for us to relax.
    And most importantly, both the house and the cottage are built by me and people in my life that I hold dearly in my heart and love dearly. I plan to get my sister to help me out to draw the design of both the house and the cottage (she's very artistic), my dad and my Sagittarius ex-boyfriend both want to help out to build it (my dad has worked in building and my Sagittarius ex is an Engineer) and my brother too, and my mom with the legal stuff. I just need to make the money to afford to do all that now, haha.leuleu

      bởi Huỳnh Thị Bích Trâm 25/03/2019
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