Đặt câu hỏi với how much hoặc how many và trả lời theo

Đặt câu hỏi với how much hoặc how many vsf trả lời theo các rừ gợi ý

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  • -How many students are there in your class?(Có bao nhiêu học sinh trong lớp của bạn?)
    There are eleven.(Có 11.)
    -How many loaves of bread do you want?(Chị muốn mua mấy ổ bánh mỳ?)
    I want one, please.(Tôi muốn một ổ.)
    -How many eggs does he need?(Anh ấy cần bao nhiêu trứng?)
    He needs a dozen.(Anh ấy cần một tá.)
    -How much money is there in the wallet?(Có bao nhiêu tiền ở trong ví?)
    There is $200.(Có 200 đô.)
    -How much bread is there?(Có bao nhiêu bánh mì ở đó?)
    There are two loaves.(Có 2 ổ)
    -How much rice does she need?(Cô ấy cần bao nhiều gạo)
    She needs five kilos.(Cô ấy cần 5 cân.)
    -How much beef do you want?(Bạn cần bao nhiêu thịt bò?)
    One pound, please.(Một cân Anh. (= 0,454 kg))
    -How much is a tube of toothpaste?(Bao nhiêu tiền một tuýp kem đánh răng?)
    It is fifteen thousand dong.(Nó có giá 15 nghìn đồng.)
    -How much are two bottles of water?(Bao nhiêu tiền hai chai nước?)
    They are ten thousand dong.(Chúng có giá 10 nghìn đồng)
    -How much do these oranges cost?(Những quả cam này giá bao nhiêu?)
    They cost twenty-five thousand dong.(Chúng có giá 25 nghìn đồng.)
    -How much does a bowl of noodles cost?(Một bát mì giá bao nhiêu?)
    It costs thirty thousand dong.(Nó có giá 30 nghìn đồng.)

      bởi Triệu Thị Tâm Trinh 26/02/2019
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    1. Listen! I (think) someone (knock) at the door.

    2. Up to the present, we (write) almost every lesson in the book.

    3. The Earth (circle) the Sun once every 365 days.

    4. The farmers (work) in the field at the moment.

    5. How many times you (see) him since he went to Edinburgh?

    6. Rivers usually (flow) to the sea.

    7. Look! The boy (cry).

    8. Do you know that man, who (smoke) there?

    9. Mrs Green always (go) to work by bus.

    10. We (be) from French. We (be) there for twenty years.

    11. That house (belong) to Mr. Green.

    12. Mai (lose) her dictionary.

    13. I (be) sorry. I (forget) that girl's name already.

    14. I (wait) for the manager for two hours.

    15. You (ever, see) a lion?

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    A.did B.filled C.made C.took

    2,I hope you ........... better soon

    A.feel B.feels C.will feel D.feeling

    3,Would you open your mouth , please?-I need take to your .............

    A.height B.weight C.temperature

    4,your parents want you to ........... yourshelf when you go away from home

    A.take care of B.take part in C.forget your exercise D.participate in

    5,how long does it ........... you to cook this food?-About 20 minutes

    A.make B.take C.give D.spend\

    6,Mai is ......... because the doctor is going to check-up her teeth

    A.hungry B.nervous C.happy D.worry

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  • write what , who , when , where or whose

    1 ........................... do you live ?

    2 ............................. is his name ?

    3 ............................ pen is this

    4 ................. is your birth day ?

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    7 .................... is your school ?

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  • Correct order Money / much / get / do / how / you /pocket/ ? Subject / what / your / is / favourite/ ? School / do / which / go / you / to / ? I / you / my / shall / introduce / best friend / Lan/ to /? Classes / are / how / there / school / in / many / your / ? Correct the mistake She doesn’t wears school uniform in the morning. _______________ We are doing morning exercises every morning. _______________ She has breakfast now. _______________ Does you like pop music? _______________ Look. The girls skip in the schoolyard. _______________

    giúp mình nha mọi người

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  • Write a travel guide about a place you know. hihi

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  • Khoanh tròn chữ cái ( A , B C hoặc D ) của từ có phát âm khác với từ còn lại ở phần in đậm :

    1. A . hat B. cat C. small D. have

    2. A. cloudy B. house C. about D. four

    3. A. windy B. rice C. nice D. five

    4. A. this B. there C. thank D. that

    5. A. like B. think C. drink D. thing

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  • Complete the sentences with the correct present simple affirmative or negative form of the verbs in brackets. 1 I like football but I _______________ (like) basketball. 2 On Saturdays I ____________ (get up) early. I stay in bed! 3 I don’t go to school by bus. I _____________ (walk). 4 My brother _______________ (listen) to rock music. He hates it. 5 My sister ________________ (like) sport. She thinks it’s boring. 6 My classmates _____________________ (work) hard. The teacher is very good. 7 My cousin lives in France and he _________________ (speak) French. Complete the sentences with the correct present continuous affirmative or negative of the verbs in brackets. Where are you, Phong? – I’m upstairs. I (do) ___________________ my homework. Shh! They (study) _______________________ in the library. Now we (have) ____________________ an English lesson with Mrs. Nga. He isn’t in his bedroom. He (play) _________________ in the garden. We can’t go out now. It (rain) _______________. Give correct forms or tense of the verb. I (go) _____________ at 5 o’clock every day. Our team (play) _______________ football on Sunday mornings. Listen! (they / sing) _______________ in the classroom? (Van / walk) _______________ to school with you? My new school (have)__________________ a larger playground. Both Lan and Nhan (wear) ____________ uniform every day. (you / be) _______________ ready? At the moment Lan (walk) ________________ to class with her friends

    Giup minh nha

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  • breathe in the fresh air! You will feel much (good)

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  • sắp xếp

    1.vaction ?/are /going/ do/summer/what/you/to/this /to/Hue/HCM

    3.are /where/they/to/going/stay?Bay/in/HaLong /to/watch/to/a/match/TV/on/tonight/football



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