Chia từ trong ngoặc: He often(eat)......a lot of fruitMr and Mrs thanh (want).......some sugar

He often(eat)......a lot of fruit

Mr and Mrs thanh (want).......some sugar

At present they(travel) Europe

Sap xep


you/practise/table tennis/How often/do/playing/?

My friend/oval face/has/and/straight nose./a/an

Viet lai cau voi y nghia giong

My favourite subject is English

I like.............

Are there many flowers in your garden?


Theo dõi Vi phạm

Trả lời (1)

  • He often(eat) eats.a lot of fruit

    1. Mr and Mrs thanh (want) want some sugar

    At present they(travel) are traveling in Europe

    2. Sắp xếp


    => What would she like for breakfast

    you/practise/table tennis/How often/do/playing/?

    => How often do you practise playing table tennis.

    My friend/oval face/has/and/straight nose./a/an

    => My friend has an oval face and a straight nose .

    3. Viết lại câu với nghĩa giống

    My favourite subject is English

    => I like studying English best

    Are there many flowers in your garden?

    Does your garden have many flowers

      bởi Vũ Quỳnh Hoa 28/02/2019
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