Chia động từ trong ngoặc: I (go)..........camping tomorrow

chia động từ trong ngoặc:

I (go)..........camping tomorrow ,

giải : I am going camping tomorrow. (giải thích vì sao)

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  •  Tài Nguyễn Tuấn nói thế sai rồi . tomorrow là dấu hiệu tương lai nhé. Vì ở tương lai được chia làm 2 dạng nên ta có thể chia 1 trong 2 cách này . Tuy nhiên đề bài phải là : I am going to camping tomorrow mới đúng. Đây là tương lai gần ^^

     C1:    S +am/is/are + going to + O

    C2 :     S + will + O

     Ở đây có thể chia là 

    I am going to camping tomorrow.

    hoặc là :

    I will camping tomorrow

      bởi Nguyễn Trần Hạ Vi 28/02/2019
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        A. interests                      B. interested                      C. interesting              D. being interest

    13. Is the Eiffel Tower taller....................Big Ben ?
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  • Trong phần này, bạn phải chọn từ hoặc cụm từ đó hoàn thành tốt nhất mỗi câu. Khoanh tròn chữ A, B, C hoặc D so với số lượng của từng hạng mục 1-20 cho các từ hoặc cụm từ mà bạn chọn.


    1. My sister is very fond .................... chocolate candy.
         A. of                                 B. about                           C. with                        D. at

    2. I have studied English ....................eight months.
        A. for                                 B. since                           C. by                           D. in

    3. Listen ....................our teacher !
        A. with                               B. to                                C. for                           D. in

    4. There isn’t in the house.
        A. none                             B. no                                C. some                      D. any

    28/02/2019 |   2 Trả lời

  • .................. likes Tom . He's very popular

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  • we are delighted that you are interested in ...................... the environment

    28/02/2019 |   2 Trả lời

  • Bài tập thì quá khứ đơn và quá khứ tiếp diễn 

    Bài1: chọn đúng thì của các câu sau :

    1. I saw/ was seeing the accident when I was waiting for the taxi.

    2. What were you doing / did you do when I phoned?

    3. They didn't visit/weren't visiting their friends last summer holiday.

    4. It rained / was raining heavily last July.

    5. While people were talking tl each other, he read / was readinghis book.

    6. Chris was eating / ate pizza every weekend last month.

    7. While we were running / run in the park, Mary fell over.

    8. Did you find / were you finding  your keys yesterday?

    9. Who was she dancing/ did she dance with at the party last night?10. They were watching / watched football on TV all day.

    Bài 2: tìm cácloi sai trong các câu sau :

    1. I was play football when she called me. 

    2. Was you study Math at  5 p.m. yesterday?

    3. What was she do while her mother was making lunch?

    4. Where didyou went last Sunday?

    5. They weren't sleep during the meeting last Monday.

    6. He got up early and have breakfast with his family yesterday morning.

    7. She didn't broke the flower vase. Tom did. 

    8. Lastweek my friend and I go to the beach on the bus.

    9. While I am listening to music, I heard the doorbell.

    10. Peter turn on the TV, but nothing happened.

    Bài3: hoàn thành các câu sauvới từ cho sẵn

    1.Where /you /go? When/ you/ go?


    2. Who /you/ go with?


    3. How/ you/ get/ there?


    4. What/ you /do/ during the day?


    5. you / have / a / good / time?

    6. you/ have / any / problems?


    7. How/ long/you be /there?


    8. What /your parents/ do/ while /you /go /on holiday?


    Bài4:chia đúng các động từ sau ở thì quá khứ đơn và quá khứ tiếp diện.

    In my last holiday, I went to Hawaii. When I(go) ..... to the beach for the first time, something wonderful happened. I (swim) ..... in the sea while my mother was sleeping in my sun. My brother was building a castle and my father (drink) ....... some water. Suddenly I (see) ....... a boy on the beach. His eyes were blue like the water in the sea and his hair  (be) .... beautiful black. He was very tall and thìn and his face was brown. My heart (beat) ...... fast. I (ask) ..... him for his name and with a shy voice. He (tell) ..... me that his name was John. He (stay) ...... with me the whole afternoon. In the evening, we met again. We ate pizza in the restaurant. The following days we(have) ....... a lot of fun together. At the end Of my holidays when I left Hawaii I said good-bye to John. We had tears in our eyes. He wrote to me a letter very soon and I answered him.

    28/02/2019 |   1 Trả lời

  • Write about the most frightening (or happy or difficult) experience you have ever had.

    Làm ơn!

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  • Bài tập chuyển đổi câu từ thì quá khứ đơn sang thì hiện tại hoàn thành :

    1. The last we met her was in August .

    => We have not ...

    help me ! bucminh

    28/02/2019 |   2 Trả lời


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