2.Rewrite these sentences,using the verbs in passive form with"will/

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2.Rewrite these sentences,using the verbs in passive form with"will/ can/should/must+be+p2.

1.some body will clean the room later.

2.You mustn't open thí parcel until chrismas day.

3. they can't make tea with cold water.

4.the students will hold a meeting before the Teacher's Day.

5.People can recycle ties to make pipes or floor coverings.hihi

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  • 2.Rewrite these sentences,using the verbs in passive form with "will/can/should/must+be+p2.

    1.Some body will clean the room later.

    => The room will be cleaned later (by somebody)

    2.You mustn't open this parcel until Chrismas day.

    => This parcel must not be opened until Chrismas day (by you)

    3. They can't make tea with cold water.

    => Tea can't be made with cold water.

    4.The students will hold a meeting before the Teacher's Day.

    => A meeting will be help before Teacher's Day (by the students)

    5.People can recycle ties to make pipes or floor coverings.

    => Ties can be recycled to make pipes or floor coverings (by people)

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    A. of B. with C. in D. for

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    A. since B. for C. in D. when

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    A. since B. for C. in D. at

    15. Our holiday was ruined ___________ the bad weather.

    A. at B. with C. by D. for

    16. On a summer Sunday, most of the roads are crowded __________ cars.

    A. with B. of C. for D. at

    17. She is _______ in being a nurse.

    A. tired B. afraid C. bored D. interested

    18. He left school ________ the age of 18.

    A. on B. in C. at D. by

    19. Faraday was born ________ a poor family.

    A. for B. in C. onto D. on

    20. I’m going on holiday __________ the end of this month.

    A. at B. in C. on D. to

    21. They haven’t found _________ any efficient medicine for SARS.

    A. in B. up C. on D.out

    22. If I were 5 years younger, I would apply_________ that job.

    A. to B. of C. for D. into

    23. Finally, they succeeded _________ finding a cure for that strange disease.

    A. with B. on C. to D. in

    24. The doctor said she needed to be _________ a diet.

    A. in B. on C. with D. into

    25. Mai and Minh decided to go _________ a walk.

    A. by B. for C. on D. in

    26. She was born ______________ May 12th, 1990.

    A. in B. on C. at D. into

    27. I haven’t seen my brother __________ 5 months.

    A. since B. during C. from D. for

    28. What do you do ___________ the evening?

    A. in B. on C. at D. from

    29. We haven’t seen each other __________ last January.

    A. for B. on C. since D. in

    30. I last met her ________ October last year.

    A. since B. in C. on D. for

    31. Mary was standing _________ front of her desk.

    A. on B. at C. in D. from

    32. I’m grateful __________ you for your kindness.

    A. to B. in C. of D. about

    33. She was able to carry ___________ all the tasks assigned to her.

    A. away B. out C. on D. off

    34. We might have a picnic. It depends ____________the weather.

    A. in B. at C. to D. on

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    A. for B. of C. from D. to

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    A. for B. in C. of D. with

    37. Washington State is famous ________its apples.

    A. in B. for C. of D. with

    38. Thank you very much _________ what you have done for me.

    A. of B. up C. for D. about

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    A. on B. to C. for D. up

    40. She’ll come home ___________ April.

    A. on B. in C. at D. for

    41. She is very kind ___________ everyone.

    A. of B. to C. at D. for

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    A. from you to B. by you to C. of you to D. that you

    43. It happened ________ 7.00 ________ the evening.

    A. in / at B. to / in C. at / to D. at / in

    44. My brother was very good __________ physics.

    A. with B. at C. in D. on

    45. I haven’t heard from Mai for ages. I’m a bit worried ________ her.

    A. with B. for C. about D. in

    46. I’m sorry _______ Nam my friend, who lost a mother last week.

    A. about B. for C. with D. to

    47. The three friends all applied _______ the same job.

    A. for B. in C. at D. on

    48. Tom succeeded ________ persuading his boss to buy a computer.

    A. of B. in C. on D. with

    49. They are now in Paris; they will leave ____________ London next week.

    A. to B. for C. in D. on

    50. I’m _____________ advertisements on TV.

    A. tired of B. bored with

    C. fed up with D. all are correct

    51. Why are you angry ______________ me? I didn’t do anything wrong.

    A. at B. with C. to D. of

    53. You can get there ___ bus or ___ foot.

    A. by – by B. with – with C. by – on D. on - on

    54. They plan to arrive in Paris ___ July 4th.

    A. in B. on C. at D. of

    55. Don't forget to congratulate him ___ his birthday.

    A. on B. at C. in D. for

    56. Jenny is ___ work now.

    A. at B. on C. for D. of

    57. Tracy waited ___ the bus station for an hour.

    A. with B. for C. since D. at

    58. Ida wanted to stay ___ home.

    A. in B at C. on D. for

    59. You should spend your money ___ something worthwhile.

    A. on B. with C. in D. for

    60. ___ a rainy day I like to stay at home.

    A. at B. during C. on D. in

    61. I have known her ___________ last year.

    A. for B. since C. from D. at

    62. Nowadays many people are aware ___________ danger of smoking.

    A. to B. for C. at D. of

    63. I am happy to hear from Mary because I haven’t seen her ________ last year.

    A. for B. on C. since D. A and B

    64. She always takes good care_______ her children.

    a. for b. in c. of d. with

    65. Jane doesn't spend much money______ clothes.

    a. over b. about c. at d. on

    66. She was very surprised________ the grade she received.

    a. at b. on c. of d. about

    67. We went there_______ car and stayed there for the whole day.

    a. in b. on c. with d. by

    68. We started our journey ______ foot.

    a. with b. by c. on d. in

    69. He always prevents me_______ doing my duty.

    a. of b. from c. with d. against

    70. Mr. Foster lives_____ 667E 76th street______ New York.

    a. in/in b. at/in c. on/in d. in/on

    71. Water consists_____ oxygen and hydrogen.

    a. about b. with c. on d. of

    72. He succeeded________ getting a scholarship.

    a. in b. about c. for d. on

    73. Thank you very much_____ what you have done for me.

    a. of b. up c. for d. about

    74. Are you interested ___________ working for us.

    a. at b. in c. on d. by

    75. What’s the matter ___________ you this morning, John?

    a. with b. at c. for d. from

    76. Television has been very popular ___________ 1950s.

    a. for b. in c. since d. during

    77. His grandfather died _________the age of 90.

    a. in b. of c. on d. at

    78. It is very nice______ you to take so much trouble.

    a. of b. to c. for d. from

    79. Ed depends________ his family for financial support.

    a. on b. in c. of d. at

    80. I prefer coffee______ tea.

    a. than b. to c. from d. for