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bởi Tri Luong van 18/12/2018

I practice listening by English listen to English songs

câu nay sai chỗ nào?

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  • Allen Walker

    I / live / Ha Noi

  • ✪ Kudo❄Shinichi ✪ »Sƙƴ«

    My / favourite / Quang noodles

  • bui viet ha

    1........you really need is a long holiday.

    a.that  b.what  c.which  d.who

    2.Claude didn't.....in Canada.

    a.lived  b.use to live   c.used to live  d.used to living 

    3.I remenber you.You.....to school here.

    a.were used to going b.have already gone c.went d.used to go

    4.Galileo.....his first telescope in 1690.

    a.builds b.built c.has built d.had built

    5........at the party, we saw Ruth standing alone.

    a.Arrived b.We arrived c.Arriving d.We were arriving

  • Hà Khánh Linh

    1 The scientists are carrying out an important experiment

    2 People make cheese from milk

    3 Did his brother build the first plane in 1903

    4 Judson invented the zipper in 1893

    5 People have used the ballpoint pens for many years

  • ❤Trần❤ ❤ღŦấй Ŧâ๓ღ❤


    What is his job?




    1.Crossing the road,we must be_______(care)

    2.He takes the vegetables to the market.He is____________them now.(loanding) 


  • Allen Walker

    My hobby / football


  • Allen Walker

    Do / you / like / live / hometown?

    Yes, ......

  • Allen Walker

    it / good / everyone

  • bui viet ha

    1.Global communication be/ transform/ the invention/ Internet.

    a.Global communication was transformed the invention of the Internet.

    b.The invention of the internet was transformed the global communication.

    c.Global communication was transformed by the invention of the internet.

    d.Global communication was transformed invention of internet.

  • bui viet ha

    1.What/ use/ fax machine/ for

    a.What are you used fax machine for?

    b.For what machine is used?

    c.What is the use for fax machine?

    d.What is fax machine used for ?

    2.new school/ pen/ recently/ new road

    a.a new school recently opened in New Road.

    b.A new school has been recently opened in New Road.

    c.a new school has recently opened in New Road.

    d.A new school opened recently in New Road.

    3.I/give away/ my computer/ be /three years old

    a.i give away my computer which was only three years old.

    b.i give away my computer, which was only three years old.

    c.my computer which i gave away was only three years old.

    d.my computer, that i gave away was only three years old.

    4.inventions/ like/electric light bulb/ change/ way/people/live.

    a.inventions like the electric light bulb changed the way people lived.

    b.The inventions like the electric light bulb has changed the way that people lived.

    c.The way people lived has been changed by inventions like electric light bulb.

    d.the inventions ike the electric light bulb changed way people had lived.