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  • Help meeee

    bởi Nguyễn Chibi'ss ngày 20/08/2017

    It's very wonderful to spend the weekend in the countryside.

    - Spending............................................................................... .

    Câu này là câu trúc j v ạ????

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  • At midnight i.......(sleep) but jane......(listen) to music

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  • English Reading

    bởi Ah'ss Min'ss ngày 18/08/2017


    1 Sarah likes inventing useful things and finding out how new inventions are

    designed and produced. She’s good at using computers, and wants to see how

    they can be used in design.

    2 Jake is keen on large vehicles and machines, and would like to go somewhere

    he can have experience of one actually working. He’d also like to take some

    good photos.

    3 Marta is doing a project on the environment and the effects of waste products

    we throw away. She wants to learn more about the problem and what

    individuals can do about it.

    4 Tom likes animals and wants to understand more about them. He wants to go

    somewhere he can take part in activities and buy a souvenir to make at home.

    5 Karina is keen on art and photography. She likes exploring areas of the city to

    see what things she can find for her art, and then put them into her work.


    A  Smithson Museum 

    Come along and see this exhibition of everything to do with animals – from unusual animal prints to the latest computer designs of cartoon animals for films. Try designing a new and fantastic film creature on the computer – you might even see it appear in a flm!

    B The Willis Centre

    Come and join the museum’s guided walks along the river bank. You’ll collect objects that have come from the river, such as interesting stones and old pieces of wood and machines. And then try making pictures with what you’ve picked up!

    C  Railton Museum

    A visit to this museum all about the city’s river includes a 40-minute ride in a huge boat along the water – at great speed! You can also have your photo taken during the trip – but don’t even think about trying to take your own. You’ll be too wet!

    D Park Pavilion

    Art galleries not usually for you? Then visit this Art in the Park exhibition – young people’s art and photography about problems in our environment. There’s everything, from art produced on computers to teenagers’ wildlife photos. Come and put some of your work in the display!

    E  The Allen Centre

    Got a great idea to share? Come and take part in this exhibition about how  machines are made, from the idea to

    the finished product. See how IT can help with plans for models. And come and work on your idea here – the best ones will go into the display!

    F  Hampton House

    This technology museum is full of models of engines – and a big wheel! Climb on, sit down and be taken up high enough to see over the rooftops! And don’t forget your camera – you’ll get some amazing pictures! Model engines are on sale in the gift shop.

    G  Bedford Lock

    Come down to the river bank and take photos of this temporary exhibition – 200 kilos of plastic rubbish, collected from our river! Get ideas about how we can each help to tidy up our world – but also don’t miss the display of useful plastic items such as computer and machine parts.

    H  Camford Museum

    The exhibition here is based around large models showing how living creatures use their amazing skills in the wild. Dress up like a jungle creature to discover how they deal with a changing environment. Or help build a model of a giraffe – and even get one from the shop to take away!

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  • Help me

    bởi Hòa Thu ngày 16/08/2017

    Our last hopes would....all probability evaporate.

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  • Bài học của mình về Job mà lâu lâu có xuất hiện thêm Work với Career. Mấy cái này bên từ điển đều dịch là công việc, vậy cách dùng nó sao vậy ạ. Chỉ em với. Em cảm ơn

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  • Sửa lỗi sai

    bởi Tạ Thành Tuấn ngày 14/08/2017

    1. Approximately 70 percent of all parents let their children to attend school
    2. You should make your parents be happy for the rest of their life.
    3. Conversation organizations help for preserving the ecology of area by keeping track endangered species.
    4. There’s no point having a car if you never use it.
    5. I think you should take the raincoat with you in case it will rain hard this afternoon

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  • Viết câu tường thuật

     "You spend a little time time your mom",he said to his sister


     I said ,"Can you please send me the book, Hoa ? "




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  • Điền từ vào chỗ trống

    bởi Mai Thuy ngày 04/08/2017

    Chọn giúp em một đáp án và giải thích tại sao lại chọn vậy ạ.

    It is believed ________ causes insomnia.

    A. too much caffeine which

    B. that too much caffeine

    C. it in too much caffeine

    D. too much caffeine that

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  • Tìm lỗi sai

    bởi Hoàng My ngày 04/08/2017

    Mọi người ơi giúp em tìm lỗi trong câu này với ạ. Cảm ơn nhiều nhiều!

    Some underground water is enough safe to drink, but all surface water must be treated.

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  • what do you do in your free time

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  • 1.There is a yard in front of the house.


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  • Các bạn ơi, bạn nào siêu sao cho mình hỏi cách dùng của yet và already trong thì hiện tại hoàn thành với. Đội ơn!

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